Have your business cards always with you.


Create & Customize

Create your very own business card, uniquely designed, in just a few seconds.

Exchange e-Business cards

In a simple and fast way by using the Benbo code number or Benbo QR code.


Forget about paper business cards. Just snap a photo, Benbo would scan it and save the information for you.

Up-to-date Information

Don’t worry about your contacts changing any of their information, we keep everything synced and up-to-date on your phone.

Direct Messaging

Connect and have business conversations with your contacts easily in the app.


Promote your business or services using the discover function in the Benbo app. You will always have the choice to be found or remain private.


“Everything you want in life is a relationship away.”

Idowu Koyenikan

Create & Customize

Create the perfect and original first impression. Start great by making a lasting effect showing how incredible you are! Choose from several templates, edit, upload images and create your own personal business card design.



Having many contacts can make you feel a bit overwhelmed. Filter your contacts by groups, give them nicknames, or even create a group to promote your event. Just create one group, add the exhibitor’s business cards and share them with anyone using the group code. Stop worrying about people gathering all those business cards, they can just add the group code and that’s it! All the business cards stored in their phone with just one click!

grupos industrias

Direct Links

Benbo interactive business cards includes direct links, in which you would be able to call, email, text just by clicking on each link. Even search for addresses, and with one simple click, it will automatically open maps and show you the location.


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Share your business card with everyone

Share your information with everyone: Not a Benbo user? No problem. Share your business card with everyone even if they have the app or not.




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